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Monday, March 5, 2018

Journalist accuse Ondo Police of unlawfully releasing 17-year-old boy who raped his eight year old son

A journalist in Ondo town, Lanre Duyile, has accused the police of unlawfully releasing a 17 year old boy who had multiple anal sex with his eight-year-old son. Speaking to the Nation, Duyile said himself and his wife always left their children in the care of their neighbor until they return from work in the evening.
He, however, dicovered that his son developed a funny habit which upon, he confessed that their neighbor's son had been having sex anally with him. Each time we go to work, my children stay with our neighbour. I did not know that my neighbours’s son had been having carnal knowledge of my son.

The boy is a pupil of St Joseph’s College, Ondo. He is 17-year-old, while my son is eight. He had been having anal sex with him for a long time. Later, each time I took my son out for a stroll, he touched people’s private parts in public. But I didn’t pay attention to this habit until someone brought it to my notice.

So I threatened him when we got home and he confessed that my neighbour’s son had been sleeping with him since a long time ago and threatened him not to tell anybody.” he said Duyile said he got the suspect arrested at Fagun Police Station, adding that the family came to beg that the matter be resolved, which he agreed to do, but the DPO insisted the case be taken to court. He said he was hwoever shocked when he discovered that the police had released the suspect without informing him.

Immediately I got the boy arrested at Fagun Police Station, his family came to beg me that we should settle the matter. I initially agreed. So we went to the station to end the case and get the boy released. On getting there, the DPO said they should sue the boy the following Monday. So I left, but before I got home, I discovered they had released him.

They released him without my knowledge. I became angry and said the whole world must know what happened to my son.” Duyile accused the police of not being interested in how to conduct a medical test on his son, saying they told him to go and do it. The suspect’s family should be responsible for the test, but they left me alone to do it.

So I sense a connivance with the police, particularly the DPO, in a bid to sweep the matter under the carpet,” he alleged. The journalist said his son was traumatised, as he cried all day, begging that he be taken to a new environment. He alleged that since the case was reported, the DPO had put him under pressure, which prompted him to relocate his family because of unforeseen circumstances.

Menawhile, the state police command's spokesperson, Femi Joseph, denied the allegation that the police were trying to cover up the case. According to Joseph, Duyile refused to show up to enable them conduct a medical test on his son.

“We are ready to take the case to court,” he added. But Duyile said the police were only being economical with the truth, as they told him to go and sort out the medical.

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