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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Why I married My Sister

Paul supports Cornelius to marry their little sister. The siblings say they can hear voices but we cannot tell if these voices are of God or their ancestors

Their community places a high premium on religion but somehow, all that went out the window, thanks to ‘love’ or shall we call it weird passion?

What continues to shock everyone is how convinced one of their brothers, Paul Ezeibekwe, is about their abominable union.

He told Channels TV: “One day, I was ruminating, I can’t tell you how the thing started but ‘He’ took me to about three scriptures about ‘bone of my bone’...

“So, ‘He’ said that ‘the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh’ is your blood – your immediate family.”

Cornelius Ezeibekwe, who is now the husband of his sister also explained how he ended up believing the vision.

“I wanted to believe the visions, even though I thought I could die but on January 15 in the evening, I was told to announce the marriage that day.

“I didn’t call them one after the other, I just came out and told the whole family that we have decided to marry ourselves.”

A marriage ceremony was fixed and the 23-year-old Cornelius married his 16-year-old sister.

Wondering how the girl feels? She is also waiting to ‘hear from God’ if she should step out of the marriage.

But for now, she likes the comfort of being married without needing a change of name.
Paul, Cornelius and their little sister are obviously hearing voices. 
What we cannot tell is if these voices are of God or their ancestors.

The family members have accepted the union, but the community has rejected it, insisting that some cleansing must be done to avert the repercussion.

Their Parish Priest, Rt. Rev. Samuel Chukwuka, has also branded the marriage and their act of backing it with the bible as that ‘of the devil’.

For now, neighbours have deserted the Ezeibekwe family for fear of being affected when the anger of the gods starts.

While debates continue to trail this, and the family continues to argue their way to avoid the punishment of the community, we wait to see the action of their gods.

But whatever happens in future, at least we now know there is a community called Ekwulobia, in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State.

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